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Each week at In The Past Lane, the American history podcast, host and Historian-at-Large, Edward T. O’Donnell, brings you news, stories, interviews, and special features on all things U.S. history. His aim is to be both engaging and thought-provoking, inspired by the notion that history explains the world we live in and provides insights into how to achieve a more prosperous, peaceful, and just future. So come along with us as we journey In The Past Lane.  

Mar 18, 2018

This week at In The Past Lane, the history podcast, It’s our annual St Patrick’s Day episode. In this episode, we explore the stories of two Irish Americans very few people remember, but who in their day were quite famous. One is William Joyce, who was known during World War II as Lord Haw Haw. He was the voice of Nazi propaganda that Germany broadcast to England during the course of the war. And the other is Virginia Tighe, who in the late 1950s was also known as Bridey Murphy. This was due to a famous incident involving hypnosis and the specter of reincarnation. You won't want to miss these two intriguing stories that involve Nazis and reincarnation.